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Hold your Mobile phone approx 3 feet away from the Conventional view box, put the Camera function ON, you will see the FLIKERING effect on the Mobile phone screen, now hold it infort of Medixview, you will not see any Flikering, hence proves how bad is the flikering effect on your precious eye


MediXView is presently available in four sizes from 14” X 17 suitable for single film, 28”X17: suitable for two films, 42”X17” suitable for three films and 56”X17” suitable for 4 films. More product information can be obtained by sending us an email at info@medixview.com LED TFT-LCD based Slim Medical X-ray illuminator for viewing X-ray, CT Scan and MRI films better

Medical X-ray illuminator:

MEDIXVIEW (FDA-USA Approved); India’s only available LED TFT-LCD based Slim Medical X-ray illuminator for viewing X-ray, CT Scan and MRI films in better, professional and scientific way at just one inch slim (as compared to the traditional which is 5 to 6 inches thick) MediXView is Sleek, Stylish, Slim, highly efficient and suitable for all ultra-modern, Hi-tech hospitals/clinics/diagnostic centers and medical institutes. MediXView viewers are just 25 mm thick (One inch)(Edgelit) and 45mm thick(1.3/4th inch)(Backlit) and has a recommended life of  100,000 hrs and light uniformity of >90% as compared to the traditional of <3,000 hrs and <30% light uniformity, thus making MediXView highly suitable for accurate film reading beside its hi-tech design and sleekness makes efficient use of space and gives your consulting room a sophisticated look.

MediXView is flicker free and also bluish light:

MediXView emits bluish light which does not give an eye fatigue if watched for a long time, since it is flicker free, white bright light and flickering have a serious effect on the eye pupil which constantly adjusts itself due to flickering, and hence Doctor who is in front of the viewer the whole day gets an eye fatique at the end of the day, MediXView is flicker free and also bluish light the Eye Pupil remains constant , the doctor does not get an eye fatigue even if watched for a very long time.

We have more than 5000 installations in very prestigious hospitals in India and abroad. Some of our prestigious clients include Apollo Hospitals, Hinduja Hospital, Artimis Health Science, Ram Manohar Lohia, Asian Heart Institute, Ramchandra Hospital, PGI Chandigarh, Nanavati, Alchemist Hospital, Shelby Hospital, MGM Hospital, Jagjiwan Ram Hospital, Modern Medical Complex Yemen, etc

Service contact:

If you need service to any of your product please email us at service@medixview.com or you could also fill in the undermentioned form and we shall respond promptly.

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