The Medixview box far out performs Conventional View Box’s on a number of aspects including efficiency, cost effectiveness and design. Below we compare the medixview box with the conventional view box in further detail, and highlight the superior performance features of the medixview.

Medixview Conventional View Box
 Greatly Reduced Eye Fatigue:  Eye Fatigue:
The latest LED Light source used in the Medixview is flicker free thereby reducing the level of
eye-fatigue, even if watched for a longer period.
An ordinary lamp has a lower frequency and flickers 50 times a second. Therefore, if watched for more than 10 minutes, the eyes recognize the flickering of the lamp, thus causing greater eye strain.
 Excellent uniformaity of Light Distribution:  Poor uniformity of Light distribution:
The Edgelit technology used by medixview is the same as that used in Laptop computers, and distributes the light evenly. The uniformity of light distribution is more than 90%. This facilitates more accurate film reading, while reducing eyestrain thereby enabling long time viewing. In the case of a conventional Box with ordinary lamps, the light uniformity is not proper and the area close to the lamp lights brightly, but this gets darker and darker as you go away from the direct light, in this case the light distribution is approximately <30%. This results in difficult reading and increased eyestrain.
 Blue light is most suitable to X-ray Films:  White light is more suited to Colour Films:
Medixview uses the latest lamp source technology. This LED TFT LCD active metrix technology produces a blue type light more suitable for reading X-ray films as it emits high kelvin colour temperature. The flouresent Lamp produces a white-type light similar to sunlight at noon. This is more appropriate for reading coloured films as the kelvin colour temperature is very low.

Economical and Convenience Features

Medixview Conventional View Box
 Longer Lamp Lifetime(100,000 hours)  Conventional View Box
The lamp used by medixview lasts for 100,000 hours without the need to replace it. The advanced LCD TFT light source emits a very low level of heat. This reduces the need to clean and replace it frequently, thus saving a lot of time and money. Conventional View box lamps must be cleaned once a month in order to maintain their performance. This is inefficient and inconvenient. It is also uneconomical (in terms of lamp costs ) for both doctors and hospitals and has to be replaced every 3000 hrs.

Design Features

Medixview Conventional View Box
 Ultra Modern Technology:  Outdated Technology:
Medixview is the India’s only Slimmest view box at 2.5cm thick, and the first to use LED TFT-LCD Active Matrix Edgelit technology. The conventional view box is 15 cm thick because it uses ordinary flourosent lamps. The technology has not been updated for more than 6 decades.
 Ultra Modern Deign:  Outdated Design:
Medixview is a box but looks more like an elegant and sophisticated PDP flat pannel. It is also easy to install as it hangs like a painting on the wall in a similar fashion. It gives a highly professional and eligent looks to a consultation area, and with a slim and high tech design, it provides for an efficient and flexible use of space. Medixview is the professional Interior designers preferred choice. A conventional View box will not promote a professional appearance for a consultation area, or promote patient reassurance. The prominent size of the view box is awkward and reduces spatial efficiency. Often Wall renovations are necessary to attain an attractive overall appearance, and therefore its does not provide any flexibility for changing interior arrangements.